About Us

Who We Are


MRB Co. was established by John & Danielle Parker, the owners of Skywalker's Bar & Grille. 

John And Danielle both have incredible testimonies from before starting their new life together. John was (and still is) an active real estate broker in Machias, and avid salmon fisherman. Danielle was a mother, and had many career choices including a waitress, bartender, Medical Assistant, and Banker. The two met and began their busy, whirlwind life. Now they live and work together 24/7 and couldn't be happier about it.

Soon after opening their restaurant and bar, John & Danielle had a dream to build a brewery in Down East Maine. Three years later, after conquering many obstacles, they finally offer fine quality craft beer brewed right on location at 86 Main Street Machias.

John's expansive knowledge of, and love and for the Machias River made the branding easy. His hobby of salmon fishing all over the world helped make the decision to raise awareness of our very own river, since it remains the best and last wild Atlantic Salmon spawning grounds in the U.S. Continued efforts are being made to revive and restore Salmon in our river and MRB Co has a mission to help those efforts through direct contribution from profits.

What We Do


John & Danielle have been building their brand and building a legacy.
Everything they do, they do it for family. John and Danielle spend so much time at the business, even the employees consider themselves family. 

Danielle manages operations at the brewpub, and often takes shifts in the kitchen or out front serving customers. As for John, well, he brews the beer.

John is a self-taught brew master. He may seem like an unlikely success story since he, himself does not drink alcohol. But that unbelievable fact only adds to the glory of the story. His beer is fantastic! Clean, clear and crisp to the palate, MRB Co. craft brews are created in very small batches giving you consistent, fresh pints of hoppiness.

Many customers walk away from MRB Co. astonished by the story leading up to the creation of Skywalker's Bar & Grille. Are you curious to know how Skywalker's got its name? Intrigued to know how John brews such great beer without tasting it? To find out more, follow us on social media or better yet, COME SEE US!

Take Me To The River


MRB Co. is all about the BEER and the RIVER!

There are tons of breweries out there with catchy monikers for each beer they make. But what makes them special? 

 At Machias River Brewing Co, we made it our mission to showcase our heritage and remind folks from near and far that Machias is absolutely a place to explore!  

Every brew is named after an important part of our River or local community. 

From Mopang, to Old Stream, to Crooked River and Camp Hoo-Rah,
there's a taste of local history in every pint!

Curious about the name of your favorite brew? Check out our Beer page to learn more!

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